August 30, 2010

Pool Upgrade

Loving the new, bigger pool! Plus water sprays out of the whales head. What more could two little water babies want?

In other news, the curtains are done (yay!!!). I just need to make some tie backs and then I will post pictures here on a blog I have with my cousin who is the awesomest. More on that/her later!

We are almost moved in. We hung paintings this weekend and did some final furniture re-aranging. We are getting there!

And we got a van! Its truly an island car, a VW Vanagon. Its sweet. I think it looks like a Storm Trooper. We are going to pick it up this afternoon.


Mom said...

Those are the cutest pictures...what a life!

Aunt Spicy said...

Oh gosh...I am ready to move just looking at your pictures!

Julie said...

dude Baker is upwardly mobile! when did that happen?