August 09, 2010

Getting Settled

There are boxes EVERYWHERE! And with a toddler, a baby, and a beach that calls my name every afternoon around 3:30, the boxes aren't getting unloaded too quickly.

I took a bunch of pictures of our house with plans to post them here and ask for decorating advice, but the camera battery died and I have no idea where the charger is (a random box somewhere no doubt) so the house pics will have to wait at least one more day.

In the mean time Im doing some curtain planning . Our living room is windows on 3 sides, which I love. Its beautiful. But, it can feel like a fishbowl at night. Or a green house in the afternoon when the sun beats in and practically cooks us (hence beach day every afternoon!) So curtains are in order. We bought some fancy light and heat blocking curtains for the Western facing windows. They are by far the worst in the afternoon. The curtains are pretty plain, just beige. But for the other walls I have more exciting plans! I just ordered 18 yards of this:

From here. Its a mid weight fabric that will work great for drapery. Im planning to add some tie backs on the beige beauties with the polka dot fabric to tie it all together. To top it all off I recently WON!! some awesome yellow and orange fabric from my good friend Aunt Spicy (miss you tons!) that might be made into pillows for the couch.

I have so much I want to share about the house and life in Hawaii. Things are way different here people! But for now, I just need to get my life in order. And stop living out of a suitcase. And find my sons Dragon Castle. And dig out the sewing machine! And hope the tension settings didnt get too messed up in the move so I can sew these bad boy curtains when the fabric arrives in 7-15 days!
Stay tuned, Im a work in progress!


JJ said...

I so can not wait to hear details and see pictures and get caught up on your life! That polka dot fabric is just fabulous by the way!

JJ said...

Ps. so upset, used the automated postal machine and your fabric was returned to me saying it needs more postage...will go back to the post office tomorrow...

Julie said...

loving the orange fabric (naturally)