December 13, 2009

Christmas Runners and a visit with The Big Guy

The finished Christmas runners are finished and in the mail! They took me forever, so Im glad I only made a few. This was my first attempt with binding, so dont look to close.

We went to visit Santa at his "workshop" by the White House Christmas Tree. Its a really good little set up they have there. A nice Santa and really nice elves. They even take your picture and print out a 5x7 free right there on the spot!

Avery asked for a dragon castle.
Baker just asks that someone, anyone tuck his ear in before next years picture with Santa.


eckleinman said...

I'm working on my quilt binding as we speak. Its a little tricky but now that I'm almost done I'm getting the hang of it.

Our Naquin Family said...

Your so funny~~ear sticking out and all he's still too cute! Avery looks a little unsure, I wish we could have went with you! I love the runner~~so PRETTY! Miss you a bunch!

Julie said...

the runner look awesome, did you take those pics of santa or are they ones they give you, it totally looks like Norman Rockwell, i love it!

JJ said...

Table runner R-O-C-K-S!!!! You know how I feel about Wonky Stars, and that one is amazing! Talk about Bright + Cheery! And your boys are just precious!

Lindi said...

So funny. London asked for a castle for Christmas too, but for her princesses of course! Love the runner and the pics of Santa. Isn't he the world's best Claus!