December 20, 2009

4th Annual Wreath Decorating Contest!

The 4th annual family wreath decorating contest is here! (applause and cheering)

Below are the two entries for 2009.

The rules are simple, just vote for your favorite! Voting can happen two ways. You can record your vote in the poll to the right----->, or if you are in a household with more than one voter (roommates, spouse, kids, neighbors, chimpanzees) you can email the votes to


Ornamental Christmas

note from the creator: Each of the 200 hours of decorating work that I put into this masterpiece was a pure joy. I only wish that you could see it's magnificence with your own eyes.

Initial Christmas

note from the creator: This "H" is symbol of our family. Each person and memory in our life enriches the beauty just as each berry, that has been meticulously glued on, enriches the beauty of the "H" and the wreath.

Voting is open until midnight on new years eve. I will post the winner as well as a recap of years past on New Years Day.

May the best wreath win!


Our Naquin Family said...

Aut~I got so excited to see this post. I had forgot ya'll did this!! Miss you!

JJ said...

Yahoo! I was worried I missed the wreaths! Will vote immediately!