January 02, 2010

An the winner is...

Initial Christmas!
by Autumn

Initial Christmas : 15 votes
Ornamental Christmas : 7 votes

I would like to thanks all of you who voted for me!
Brad, better luck next year!

Running score is Brad 2 wins, Autumn 2 wins and one tie

Take a look at years past...

Naming of the wreaths was not invented yet, but Autumn did the pink bulbs (no surprise there) and Brad has the wooden garland and poinsettia.
Winner: Autumn 21 to 17!

Brads "Cranberry Snow" vs. Autumns "Snowflake Surprise"

Winner: TIE!

Brads "Dont Mess With Glitter" vs. Autumns "Glamorous Nature"

Winner: Brads "Don't Mess With Glitter" 10 votes to 5.

Autumns "Golden Spirit of Christmas" vs. Brads "Presents and Poinsettias"

Winner: Brads "Presents and Poinsettias" 23 to 22 votes, a very close year.

Stay tuned till next year, the competition is getting fierce and Ive already started planning.


JJ said...

Love the recap! I have to say, it was tough to decide this year...you guys are good! Hope you had a great Christmas!

Ben said...

Thats a hilarious picture of Avery announcing the victorious party!