May 29, 2009

Hand Picked

Today we hopped in the car and headed Butlers Orchard to pick some delicious, red, ripe strawberries. 

The workers

They worked hard with lots to show for it.

I think he ate as many as he picked!

We left with pink fingers and shortcake in our future!  


Anonymous said...

What a fun trip. I wish we knew of a place like that around here. I think we only grow tumbleweeds though.

Our Naquin Family said...

I'm so glad you liked it! So where did you here about such an awesome place ???? :)

Lindi said...

Ry could not stop talking about your shortcake! You'll have to send me the recipe. Thanks for letting us reap the benefits of your strawberry picking. We should plan our next outing!

Melissa said...

where is butler's farm? we've been to Miller and Homestead for strawberry picking (2 different years), and haven't loved either...we need a new farm! Congrats on the upcoming new little one!!!