May 21, 2009

Future Pilot

Andrews Air Force Base annual air show 

We had a great time! We were all sweaty messes by the time we left but it was worth it.

Below is one of the Thunderbirds jets, they fly F-16s and they put on a great show! Avery was a little nervous about the loud jets but he still loved it. Behind the F-16 is the most awesome plane ever, the F-22! (I know Im a dork) 

Chillin in a real plane seat! (I was trying to crop out the dorky kid sitting next to Avery but he stuck his elbow in a the last second!)

A rare picture with us all together. Notice the extreme roundness of my belly, someone help me!

Avery was so big climbing in here, the pilot took this picture for me. Its one of my favs.

Avery could have stayed in the planes all day! Not me, they were pretty stuffy. 

Loved the huge choppers!

This is from the air show 2008, I love to see how he has grown! I remember thinking how big he looked when I took this picture, now he looks like a baby in it!


JJ said...

So sad I missed the show! But Avery is just adorable in these pictures!

Laura said...

Aut you look adorable! Cute picture!

Dave said...

I'm so grateful you post photos. These are so cute!

We're hoping Olin ends up as cute as Avery.

Anonymous said...

That looks like a little boy's... and a big boy's paradise. Your family is so cute and you are adorable pregnant. You probably don't feel that way, but you looks super cute!