March 24, 2009

Chinese fashion, I love it!

I love how this magazine looks just like a magazine I might get in my mailbox, except for the not being able to read Chinese characters and all.  My favorite thing about this magazine is it reads back to front, what we would think is the back cover is actually the front (this is because that is how Chinese characters are read, not left to right like English). I love this because I always read magazines back to front, my mom does it and I always have always done it that way too. The paper is also really thick and glossy, perfect!

I wanted to show you all some of the pages inside so you can see how cool it is. 

You saw the cover in the last post, so crisp and clean. I wish I knew what the name would be in English.

Tiffany's is just as beautiful in Chinese

This little tutorial cracked me up. It shows how to curl hair with a curling iron. What is so funny is how detailed it is. There are 5 steps just showing how to roll the curling iron up your hair! 

These outfits look so cute! I think I would wear them all. 


Erica said...

Yumm, I will take Tiffany's in an language!!

M said...

I love it! I got an Instyle in Spanish at the airport in Mexico and it didn't bother me one bit. You still get to look at photos of cute clothes and, of course, fabulous jewelry.

Dustythemomhaskins said...

That is so funny. Pictures are worth a thousand words. I think you might have mde your own. HAHAHA, super neat to see other kinds.

JJ said...

I am pretty sure the inscription in the bubble reads..."...but they were all on sale..."

Mer said...

I love Asian fashion too. My sisters and I are addicted to Korean dramas (not at all not American soaps), they're like mini movies. I love seeing the most up to date Korean fashions. They're so stylish, but then again so are you! It was good to see you guys over this past weekend. You're such a cute pregnant lady. :o)