March 23, 2009

Gifts from the East

All I can say is, Brad knows me so well. He brought me the perfect presents from his trip to China!  Check them out:

These pearls are the perfect size, and I promise, you have never seen a prettier pearl! He picked the pearls, and he picked the clasp then they put them together. They are a great length too, not too "old" looking. 

The earrings are beautiful! Ahhh, I could look at them all day!

Two beautiful and super soft wraps. He chose these colors, and they are perfect. (It seems like everyone chooses cream for me. Its kind of funny. But even as I sit here and type I am wearing a cream colored shirt, so I guess it makes sense!)

I love to read magazines, I have subscriptions to too many, but somehow I find time to read them all, even the pottery barn catalog! So this was a thoughtful gift! More on this one later...

It was hard to have him gone, but I did get some fun things when he got back. Who wouldn't send their husband away for a while if he brings back pearls? 


Julie said...

well done Brad. Well done!

JJ said...

Bravo! I am dying of jealousy, those pearls are gorgeous!

Laura said...

Good job Brad....I need to send Sean some place cool....!

Erica said...

Oh I LOVE pearls! What a lucky girl you are!! I have a pair from my Grandma that my Grandpa brought her from China. They are such a treasure!