February 26, 2009

"Y" like Hawaii

Avery loves his letters. I finally found some letter magnets at the grocery store and he plays with them while I cook dinner most nights. I made an alphabet on paper and he matches the magnet to the letter on the paper. The other night we were going through and matching up the letters, he was asking me what sound each letter makes. He held up the B and I made the B sound, "like ball". We went through a few more then he held up the Y and said "look Mommy, Y like Hawaii!" It was so cute, I had to agree!  What a smartie!


Laura said...

He is quite a smartie! And cute too!

eckleinman said...

It's more awesome that he knows the word "Hawaii". So stinkin' cute! Who would think that alpha magnets would be such a good educational toy for kids?

JJ said...

Avery is hilarious! What a great story!