December 16, 2008

Let the Wreath Decorating Contest Begin!

A few years ago Brad and I started a wreath decorating contest. It has become a tradition for the two of us every Christmas. Here is how it works:
  1. We each get one wreath (we re-use the same 2 wreaths but switch off)
2. We have a small budget for decorations
3. We decorate them and have family and friends vote for their favorite
4. We dont say who decorated which one until after the voting is closed
5. The winner gets a prize, but I really dont know what it is, or if a prize has ever been claimed. 

Past years results: Brad-1, Autumn-1, Tie-1. This year is Big!!

So here are the entries for the 2008 Christmas Season. 

Presents and Poinsettias
Below is a lovely wreath with a handcrafted touch. The paper poinsettias are of the artists original design giving the wreath a down home feeling we all love this time of year. 
Detail of that handcraftiness

Golden Spirit of Christmas
Below is a beautiful wreath with an excellent color scheme of red and gold. With just the right amount of sparkle and class, this wreath truly is the Spirit of Christmas.
Detail of the red and gold

Voting will end at midnight Christmas Eve. Please vote only once per person. All are welcome to vote, children too! There is a voting box at the top right of the screen. If you are reading this in a RSS Reader window, please go to my actual site to vote. You dont have to say who you voted for and its not a popularity contest (that is not till January) JK! 
I will post the winner on Christmas Day. 


Dustythemomhaskins said...

Gold is the MY big winner. I love this idea. Super cute, cool how you do this together.

BTRAIN said...

year after year I am given the same task of voting for the christmas wreath on the condition that the winner will be announced, but year after year I am left at the pinnacle of excitement and mystery because I am never told. Unless I can get a totally extreme guarantee that the winner will be pronounced, I choose not to vote!


Julie said...

I pick the paper poinsettia, you know how I love bright colors!

JJ said...

I have to go with the poinsettia, I love the depth provided by the background poinsettias and the nod to American folk art!

James said...

This is a truly difficult call, and my vote is could be well earned by both entries. But how can one turn one's back on the golden spirit of Christmas? The mixture of sparkle and class really does it.

krissy said...

i can usually tell which one is brad's and which one is autumn's but i really can't this year!

M said...

Can I just say how awesome it is that Brad can decorate a wreath!?! Pretty cool Brad. Maybe our family needs some sort of awesome tradition like this.

Erica said...

I can't wait to find out the winner!! I think my vote is for the poinsettia one!

Emily said...


Robbins Family said...

I want to know which one you have hanging on your front door?? What a fun, creative tradition. Are you going to let Avery in on it when he's older?

Anonymous said...

What a fun tradition. I'm impressed with both of them.