December 25, 2008

And the winner is......

Presents and Poinsettias! 

Congratulations to Brad!
But it was a close one: 
Presents and Poinsettias: 23 votes
Golden Spirit of Christmas : 22 votes
(there were a few votes submitted by email that aren't reflected in the top right corner)

Thanks to all who voted (well, thanks to the 22 who voted for me. There is always next year)!

And Ben, now you can't say we never tell you the results! 


JJ said...

Really, you could both quit your day jobs and go into decorating! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

eckleinman said...

How can you have a winner when they are both so beautifully tacky? True art. I changed my vote about three times. BTW I could totally tell which wreath belonged to whom. Merry Christmas, I miss you! xoxo