April 26, 2008

Marchesa Brigida Spinola Doria, 1606

I kind of love this painting. It is by Peter Paul Rubens, who for some weird reason I really love.  The Marchesa had this portrait done when she was only 22, the year after she was married. In fact she is probably modeling her wedding dress here.  It is absolutely amazing the way Rubens was able to create such a sheen on the gown.  That is so incredibly hard to do!! I love the architectural element in the background and the crazy detail of the collar.  Well really the entire thing is full of wonderful detail.  

Can you believe this was painted in 1606? That really blows my mind that it was painted so long ago and I can just hop on the metro and go look at it today in 2008! I recommend searching it out next time you are at the NGA.  

However, in person this painting is on the creepy side.  You know at Disneyland in the haunted mantion there are paintings that follow you with their eyes, well this painting seems to do that. It really fascinating.

One of my favorite facts about this painting is it used to be much bigger.  It was full length, so it didnt cut off mid-calf and used to show more architecture and even some landscape.  Poor Rubens probably worked so hard to give her feet and make a great setting for her and then someone went and chopped it right off.  

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Emily Loria said...

Hey Autumn!

I noticed your link on Adriennes blog, and look! There you are!

Welcome to the blogging world!

I am so jealous of your location, we visited DC about 3 years ago (we were there for 24 hours) and had the time of our life. We ran the whole time (with the kids in strollers) probably miles and miles. We loved it so much, we were talking about returning this year.

Anyway, good to find you! Your little boy is a cutie pie! I can tell he's yours! ;)