April 27, 2008


We came across a little caterpillar on a walk yesterday. He liked it but about 2 seconds after this picture was taken he was off chasing some birds-his real outdoor favorite.

One of my absolute favorite things about spring are all the daffodils that pop up everywhere.  We came across this patch of flowers when we went to see the cherry blossoms.  Thanks to our good friend who snapped this photo!

Avery is now 18 mo and he cracks us up everyday.  He is really becoming a little chatter box.  Some of his favorite sayings are...

"Oh Man!" Said with alot of feeling.

"Are you Okay?" He asks himself this anytime he falls, gets bumped, or anything that startles him. It is funny. 

"See You" then runs to the door pretends to leave then comes back and I have to say "welcome back!" and we do it over and over again.

He has also learned my name is Autumn.  When I leave the room or he is alone in his crib he will stand up and yell "AUUUUUDAAAA"

"Good boy" he says this anytime he hands me something. It took a while to figure this one out!


Emily Loria said...

Avery is so cute!

Your pictures are so much fun! Josh was the same way when he found out my name was Emily. Even now, if he needs something-- and I'm just not quick enough, he will say "Emily!" It's funny, but I try not to laugh because then he does it more often! ;)

Stacy said...

Oh WOW Autumn, Avery is just your little clone!! Davis never really has called me Stacy too much, but he is ALWAYS calling his Daddy Josh. Isn't it funny when they start talking - I just love the little things they say!

Erica said...

He seriously is so cute. I loved him running yesterday and then asking himself if he was okay!

Laura said...

Love you! Love Avery! So glad you are on here! The passie trick worked try it! MUAH!

brimhal said...

I just want to kiss his little cheeks! So adorable.