September 03, 2012

Baby Update

No real baby news yet. My due date is Sep 11th so I only have a few days left. Hopefully. Im more than ready. I have Dr. appointment on Tuesday and Im hoping I know more then.

A dear Tongan woman in my ward said I was going to have this baby really soon, she could tell from the look of my eyelids. Apparently they have "the look".

I went to Target last Thursday and right when I walked in, and old man worker immediately approached me and said (no joke) "Dont let your bag of waters break!" Ewww!!! Who calls it "bag of waters" and I really dont want to talk about that with an old man! And its not his business! I guess he just didnt want to have to clean it up? Weird moment.

Anywho,  the car seat and crib are ready, little clothes are washed, and initial projects are completed. Im READY!! And everything hurts.

Well maybe I can wait and have her after Wednesday, I have a hair appointment. Mama has roots! ;)


Kelsey Kamauu said...

ha ha - better watch that "bag of waters" at my house too! lol - that is so weird! I can't wait to meet your little sweetheart!! :)

Melanie said...

Hang in there. The end is so hard. Everything really hurts. You are so close though!!!