September 07, 2012

Pinterest Rant

Lets start by saying I love Pinterest. Ive been pinning a ton lately since all I feel like doing is sitting and waiting for this baby to come out! Or while I lay in bed with horrid heart burn in the middle of the night.

BUT, there are a few things that drive me crazy about some of the pins on Pinterest. Id love to hear if these bug you too, or if there are other things that you cant stand.

So here we go...

1. All the pins that are super nasty to look at.

  • the baby with the bad rash
  • the close up of the nose with tons of blackheads- gag
  • any thing with blood
2. DIY stuff that is obviously not DIY.
  • a super intricate beaded lace bracelet - ya right to whoever thinks they can just whip that up
  • when the pin is labeled "DIY" but when you click through you find out its actually a thing sold at Disneyland, or a store like Gymboree or something. No pattern, no directions. Probably not a DIY, maybe an inspiration.
3. Some of the outfit pins.
  • Im not hating on all the pins that show full outfits pulled together. But does anyone really need a pin to show you that holy jeans and a white t-shirt with grey converse will be cute? (Is that even cute?)
  • Or a pair of dark wash jeans and a striped shirt? Thats pretty basic, probably dont need a picture showing how to pull that together. Inspire me with something creative! 
Also, if you have a board dedicated to cats I wont follow it. 

I hope no one reading this is offended! You can pin whatever you want, I promise I wont judge you. I just needed to get that off my chest!! 

Go forth and pin! 


Tara said...

The DIY things make me made too! Or the recipes that doesnt work out because the recipe is horrible.. but the picture looks amazing.

rachel said...

It drives me bonkers when I use the search tool to look for a chair and I get lame results because someone has written chair chair chair.

And who are you following that posts black head noses, blood and babies' bottoms? ;)