July 09, 2012


Only 9 weeks to go until my little baby girl is here! I keep thinking September is really far away, but turns out its not really. For her bed Ive decided to do a white tulle crib skirt (like this only white) and a white breathable bumper since its so hot in our house. And save the fun stuff for the crib sheets! I looked all over and didn't really find that many sheets that I loved. 

But thanks to my good friend (who I miss so much) Aunt Spicy (check out her scotty dogs, they are adorable) this is the fabric I'm going to work with to make a few sheets! The bottom 4 fabrics in the picture are going to turn into sheets. I think it will be super easy. I absolutely LOVE this fabric line.  I want to whip up a light quilt or maybe a dress with the other fabrics. I have so many options since I'm having a girl! Oh! I could even make a baby doll with a dress on and a matching baby dress for my baby! This could go on and on...

Let the baby preparations begin!! 

Im going to follow this tutorial roughly

Aside from baby ideas, I fancied up this pair of slippers (or "flip flops" if you aren't in Hawaii!). For the last few months Ive been on a strict slippers only regimen. My feet are hot, and swollen, and my leg hurts ok! I got a cute wedge pair at good Old Navy and a little glue, a little ribbon, and a few episodes of How I Met Your Mother later I had some fun slippers!

Followed this tutorial for the most part

*TIP: make sure you keep the glue on the underside of the slipper strap at each end. I didn't do so good on that and the glue dried really hard and it pokes my foot. 

Thanks to PINTEREST for inspiring some fun ideas!


Shandra said...

Ms. crafty girl!! I want to take a shot at making sheets too, let me know how it goes!

JJ said...

So glad you love the fabrics! I will definitely make you a matching Scotty dog!!!!