July 03, 2012

My Little Boy is Three!

Happy birthday to my sweet Baker boy! 

Things he loves: 
  • the colors red and black
  • swimming (ocean or pool)
  • super hero's, especially the Hulk
  • CANDY!
  • warm white milk, he is very specific
  • his blankets
  • playing with Avery
  • pretending to be a monster
  • and his "dearness" (thats ME!)

Three years ago, this little baby and I watched the fireworks from our DC hospital room.

Now, he is so big but still cute as ever and sweet as can be. 

(headed off to preschool this morning with his birthday donut and Christian T shirt :) ) 

From this: 

To this: 


Love you so much Baker! You are hilarious and awesome and the perfect little three year old buddy!

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Anonymous said...

I can't believe that he is three already. It doesn't seem like he was born that long ago. Your boys are so cute! Happy Birthday Baker.