March 06, 2011

Homemade Christmas Part 2: The Wallets

I know Christmas was forever ago, but Im just getting around to posting this. Which is funny, since this is the post Ive been excited to do before they were even finished! So lets delay no further. I give you, The Wallets!

For the ladies in my life:

My Mother-in-law:
Don'tcha love the button?

My Sister-in-law:
I love this flower, with its wooden button

For my Mom:
Of course in her favorite color palette. This was was my first attempt at a little change pouch with Velcro closure

For my newest Sister-in-law:
I love the extra ruffly bright yellow ruffle!

For me! (You dont think I would go to all this work and not have something to show for it myself do you??):
I cant get enough of the chevrons. I want a floor like that in my dream kitchen. This was my first attempt at a magnetic closure on a wallet. It was easy and I wanted to do more, but I cant find any more of them on this whole blasted island!

See what I mean with the chevrons?

For my sister:
This might be my favorite one. I love everything about it. (No offense to the other wallets;) )
All together now!

There was one more wallet for my BFF, but I sent it off hastily without snapping a pic, oops!

My first attempt at a wallet was not pretty, but these went much much better. I modified the pattern quiet a bit and made it more me. They are pretty time consuming little buggers to make, but they were a lot of fun. I love choosing the fabric combinations. I have a whole stack of combos all ready to be made in another batch of wallets. Too bad this batch just about did my poor little Brother machine in.


Jana said...

Are you selling these anywhere Autumn? I must now how much. These are adorable! You are so talented. Hope you guys are doing well.

Erica said...

aut - this are AMAZING! i'm dying over here! you NEED, MUST start selling them. seriously.

Julie said...

Love them the one with the chevrons is my favorite! You are so talented I am sure the women in your life are loving them!

Shandra said...

They are all so adorable!!! I need to get one from you. Let's get together and sew a-sap!

eckleinman said...

Thane again!! I get comPliments everytime I pull it outta my purse. I saw the chevron ( michael miller) @ my quilt shop today. Let me know if I can send you some!!

M said...

What a great gift. There is nothing like a handmade gift and those are fabulous.