November 16, 2009

A Banner Birthday

We have had a bunch of house guests recently. Living so far from family means whenever someone comes to visit us, we absolutely love it. Among our recent guests was Brads Bro and his wife (check out her blog here, she has great recipes!) We had such a fun time eating out, sight seeing, chatting, and of course shopping at Sephora. Seriously we were in there forever, and could have stayed longer. Love that place.

Anywho, my wonderful sister-in-law made me a super cute "autumn" banner for my birthday. I love it! It appropriately hangs above my desk and sewing machine.

It has leopard print AND glitter AND sequins. She knows me well.

Thanks Ade! I totally love it!


Jason said...

Love it, and the fact that it has leopard print AWESOME!

eckleinman said...

She does know you so well! every time I see leopard print I think of you.

JJ said...

Seriously? Wow! She made the perfect banner for you! its supper cute!

Our Naquin Family said...

I love it! It's awesome!