July 03, 2008

Antique Treasures

Prescott Arizona has more antique stores than I can count. Many of them are in super old buildings that have endless rooms with nooks and crannies and twists and turns. It is very easy to get lost in some of these places, but that is half the fun. Im also 95% sure that all of them are totally haunted-that is not a joke. I have always been interested in antiques and vintage clothes, especially coats and jackets. The only thing I really dont like is antique dolls!! I get the shivers just thinking about those creepy things. (If anyone would like the story I can tell you about the time my Grandma took me and my sister to her friends basement that had thousands of antique dolls, scariest place on earth!!!) But this time I may have found my new antique love, dishes! I saw these two wonderful bowls on my most recent trip.  The pine tree branch is exactly like the trees that surround my parents house.  It just looks like Prescott National Forrest.  I am super excited to start collecting the whole set of "Brown Pine Branch" by Larchmont-Sango. Maybe by the time Im 90 I will have a full set!


JJ said...

Wait! You forgot to include the best part of your purchase...the price! That really is a great design! It reminds me of the pine trees in Lake Arrowhead and Big Bear, CA!

Artsy Aut said...

oh ya! They were only $11 for both! At first I thought they were $33 each so I was very excited when I realized what a steal they were!

Team Thomson (Tiffany) said...

Those really are beautiful. There are some really awesome antique shops around me in Utah. If I find any "Brown Pine Branch" by Larchmont-Sango I will snatch them up for ya!

Emily said...

Ooooo, those are gorgeous. I love vintage clothing too.

My town is packed full of antique stores, but usually I can't get out to go because I have the monkey bunch with me. Thats like a bull in a china shop, literally.

Good luck on your finds! It's like a treasure hunt!

WishTrish said...

Hey, Autumn! Glad you fessed up! It's great to see you! Is Amy bloggin', too? I wonder about what happened to that girl all the time! :)

I love to go antiquing, too, but haven't been in a few years! Love the "Brown Pine Branch" dishes!