July 14, 2008

Color Inspiration

Mark Rothko, Untitled, 1953

To me the colors are perfect.  I especially love the little bit of orange that peeks out at the bottom.  With the subtle differences in the brown and the texture it seems like I could look at this work of art all day.  It may look like some blocks of color, and you may think "hey I could do that" but I think there is alot more to this than you notice at first glance.
 Im thinking something in my apartment needs to be fushia, brown, and orange. The colors are too good not to copy.


Sherrie said...

Sophia has a dress in those colors, and I think that pretty much in any mix they're fab.

Emily said...

It's pretty. Do I spy a small bit of yellow on the right side too??

Julie & Jason said...

i love Rothko, i am such a fan of large blocks of colors!