May 24, 2008

Future Pilot

Andrews Air Force Base Joint Services Air Show 2008
This one has teeth! (dont worry he was nice)
He was SOOOO excited to be there. He kept yelling, and I mean yelling, "AIRPLANE!! JET!!!" 
I love this picture taken out on the tarmac.  He loved the open space to just run.  There were alot of Military people there in uniform and Avery kept saying "Oh Hi" to them. Everyone was really nice and talked to him. 
He really liked this big "copter"
Avery showing off his jumping skills.  He was so excited he just kept jumping and skipping
In a Coast Guard Helicopter. The pilots were so nice, they were trying to make him laugh!

Highlights of the show were the helicopter that did backflips! Helicopters arent supposed to be able to do that! And my favorite the F-22 RAPTOR.  Coincidentally Avery was wearing a shirt that said RAPTOR on it.  The plane is seriously the coolest thing every created.  It did a slow fly by, crazy, then it like hovered almost, and then it would do the fast fly by.  It is amazing. I could keep going on and on about all the cool stuff we saw.  I felt very patriotic.  It was a really great trip and fun to show Avery some of our countries finest!


JJ said...

I am so sad I missed this! It looks like you had a blast! How about we go next year?

The Family Beckwith said...

Looks like you guys had a blast!

I tried to convince Mike it would be fun to go to this, but it turns out he's the only pilot I know who doesn't like air shows.

Emily Loria said...

We love things like this. Glad you had fun.