April 22, 2012

Summer is Here and Jello Cookies

 Im home with a sort of sick Baker today while everyone else is at Church, and its a little overcast. Those things combined make the perfect morning to do a little baking. I decided on these cookies I found on Pinterest. They look so pretty! I love the bright color!! I used Raspberry Jello because thats Brad's favorite.  Baker keeps repeating, "I wuv dees!" over and over. They are pretty easy too. I think it would be fun to coordinate them to match a party or holiday. 

Total bummer: as Im typing (and eating a cookie!) I smell the nasty mini mart down the street making fried chicken with old smelling oil and its totally grossing this pregnant lady out!!!

Warming up at the pool! 

We have been busy lately! We hit up the aquarium last Saturday, which turned out to be free admission and a bunch of other stuff because of an Earth Day celebration (sweet!). We went to the PCC and walked around for almost 4 hours, we have had long pool days and longer beach days with friends. Avery and Brad went on a long hike (for little legs) and into a spooky cave. Its been really fun. 
Makes me feel like Summer is here! Ive been so impressed with the boys, they are total champs!!!!

For those of you who follow the chicken saga: 
Its gotten WORSE! As of today, we have two roosters, two hens and about 20 chicks in our yard. 
Its getting serious people. 


M said...

Haha. No animal control over there?
So glad you are having fun over there. I need a beach day stat. Your boys look so big and the cookies look yummy.

Julie said...

You guys have been busy! And I am very excited to make those cookies. I can't believe Baker is almost three! As for the roosters I can send you jasons dart gun. It's time to take matters into your own hands. Love you and want some preggers photos!