March 30, 2012

Make Some Glass Cleaner!

I have SO much I want to share on here. But Im too tired at the moment. That and my macaroni and cheese is almost ready so I don't really have time right now :)

So, I'll start with this. I think I might be a little too excited about it.


Ive been out of Windex for like a week, and my mirrors were suffering. I found a link to this blog via my favorite website Pinterest for a recipe to make my own!

Luckily I had all the stuff to mix up a batch. I have to say I LOVE it! It smells like clean laundry and works super good, not a streak to be found!! My mirrors love me again.

Its super cheap to make, but almost as important to me I didn't have to drive 25 minutes to Walmart for more cleaner! Whoo hoo!

Plus there is just something satisfying about ending my dependency on a product. Love it!
Too much? Maybe.

I also want to try some of the other DIY products from this blog.
Recipe for your homemade Windex:

Empty spray bottle ( I used my old Windex bottle)
1/8 cup white ammonia (got mine at Walmart a while ago, it costs about $1.50)
1/4 cup of isopropyl rubbing alcohol
1 drop of laundry detergent
water to fill the rest of the bottle up

Throw it all in, shake it up, go clean!


Julie said...

i will have to give it a try, thanks for the tip! PS i am going to make a chain to countdown you coming back. so book those tickets!

Joye and Don said...

Aloha! Don made that recipe last summer and we love it also. I enjoy reading your blog, your boys are growing up so fast!