February 03, 2012

All Star

So proud of Avery!
Kindergarten good citizen of the month!

All the other good citizens

Baker presenting the lei

His favorite friend

Rockin the candy lei!

Baker is proud of his big brother too. Or he is just trying to butter him up since Avery has all the candy!

Last awards ceremony I didn't bring any lei or gifts or balloons. I didn't even think about it! Luckily a sweet mom brought an extra and hooked me up! I will never forget that!!
Its a big deal around these parts.
This time I brought an extra, and my friend needed it! I was so glad I could pay it forward :)

He was so excited for the Skittles!

We are so proud of this guy! He is so smart and thoughtful, and funny! He really is a sweet sweet child. And he really couldn't be any cuter.
Way to go Avery! You are a rock star!


Our Naquin Family said...

YAY Avery! Such a sweetie!! I can't believe he's in Kindergarten!

Shandra said...

Go Avery! I foresee a future genius on your hands. This kid is going to go places!

JJ said...

Excellent job A!

BTW, I really think I could be motivated by a candy lei...seriously, I would work much harder!

Laura said...

Go Avery! Thats awesome! And go you for bringing an extra! So cool!

Off Grid Mom said...

Just spent a little time catching up on your blog. I really liked your Christmas tree and enjoyed the post about life with chickens away. It is so fun to see Avery and Baker growing. Looks like you all are doing a great good enjoy life- Hawaiian style!