January 30, 2012

Yes, I live in the country

You know whats NOT fun?
Having a rooster in a tree about 30 feet from your bedroom window crowing back and forth to his buddy for hours on end at 3:30 am.

Im not usually a violent person, but I have my limits!!!! These little guys had me looking up weapons on Amazon. Seriously.

Let me introduce you to the cast of characters:

First Mother Hen. Alone she is ok. Not too loud, sometimes poops on my driveway, kind of pretty.
Then she had 7 babies. They were also super cute! But they HAD TO GO! The last thing I need is 7 more chickens in my yard! We wrangled them up and shipped them out. Im my mind they are happily clucking around at the beach park :)

We also have Hen No.2. Much like Mother Hen above. Not too annoying, but no real redeeming qualities either. If she wants to stay thats cool, but she better not have any babies!

Then there are these two troublemakers:

The blonde one has been terrorizing the neighborhood for over 2 years! People have been shooting at it, throwing rocks, you name it. But it never dies!!! It makes messes and crows at all hours of the night for so dang long!!

The other guy moved into our plumeria tree about 6 months ago, he left there when all the leaves fell off, and relocated to a tree just outside our bedroom window. Since its hot our windows are always open. On his own he is not too bad. He will give 5 or 6 cock-a-doodle-doos and then go back to sleep. But when the blonde one gets him going they go back and forth and never stop!
Seriously the biggest lie I was ever told was that roosters only crow at sun up. Its an all day/night thing around here.

Last week I invited a few teenage boys I know from church over to catch the roosters. It was an overall hilarious event. And at the last minute they caught the blonde rooster! The boys are the hero's of our street! All the neighbors were so stoked!

The boys were paid in creme puffs.

Seven chicks and one rooster down, one rooster and two hens to go.


M said...

That is hilarious. I am glad you caught one of them. Seriously though, are you getting eggs Anderson the hens?

M said...

Haha. Autocorrect. I'm not sure how "Anderson" came out of "from" but whatever.

Julie said...

i thought eggs anderson was some sort of breakfast treat I was going to have to try and replicate. Seriously you have the best stories, and I will make sure to let the kids know that roosters crow all day long.