September 30, 2010

Make Over My Dining Room

We are pretty much settled in here. I have some follow up posts coming to show a little of what we have done with the place. I love our dining room, but it still has a ways to go. My plan for is to get a variety of chairs and refinish them all in the same color. Im looking for six chairs total. We bought a super cute white pedestal table at Crate & Barrel before we moved here sans chairs. I think bright Tiffany's blue will really make the whole room bright and happy!

I found two cute chairs at Salvation Army. They were originally $10 each, but when I got to the register the lady gave me 15% off! I think its funny when thrift stores have "sales". Isnt everything in there super cheap anyway? A few weeks ago I found a black spiderman costume for Avery at Goodwill and it was 50% off, it cost $2. Why even bother with the % off? I would have paid $4.

Anyway, here is what I did with them.



Distressed just a tad with my very first power tool! Love me some power tools.

My two models trying out the new chair:

I want to give a special shout out to my awesome and incredibly talented friend Julie, who is a pro at refinishing furniture and inspired this project. And this color always reminds me of her! (Miss you Julie!)


***LIZ*** said...

Great job Aut! I love anything Tiffanys. Good Luck chair hunting.

Krysta said...

Super Cute!! They look incredible! We miss you!

Julie said...

Thanks for the shout out! I miss you! We still need to chat I've got stories! Love love love your chair!

JJ said...

Just adore, adore, the chairs! And I can not believe how much your kids have grown, wow!

Kay Hinton said...

You probably don't remember me, I'm Brad's aunt(Michelle's mom), But I just had to comment. Those are my dining room chairs- the before paint ones. You've given me a great idea. They look wonderful. I love checking your blog and keeping up with your cute family.

M said...

Love the chairs! I bet they look fabulous next to your white table. And your kids seem so big!

(V.Kerr) School Time Adventures said...

Love, love, love that color! i LOVE all your projects. Great job!