June 09, 2010

Laptop Love

I was in Florida last week for work (rough, I know) and brought my laptop with me. I needed to check blogs (duh!), watch No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency on the plane ride, and video chat with my boys at night. Its a must have for a solo traveler.

Literally on my way out the door I decided I need to make a snuggie for the laptop. My husband is usually the carrier of the laptop. He has his manly Patagonia bag that it fits in nicely. I didnt want to take the manly bag, I would rather travel with my favorite gigantic yellow purse. So instead of just sticking the laptop into my purse I whipped up this little number to keep it safe.

Its pretty simple, just some minky fabric on the inside and some retro computerish looking fabric from Joann on the outside. It only took me about 15 minutes to sew it up. I was afraid I would be late for my flight so I pretty much ran the entire way and was sweaty by the time I got to my gate. Turns out I got my flight times mixed up and was actually about 2 hours early. Nice. But at least my laptop looked cute. I even got a compliment from a fellow traveler!

If you have a laptop, show it some love. Make it a snuggie.


Nichole said...

I have to say, this is awesome! Love the idea.

Julie said...

nice work! i am sure it will be the apple of your eye, wink wink!

Jen C. said...

Yeah, it took you 15 minutes to whip it up. If it were me making it then the fabric would still be in their own little pieces. :o) It's super adorable!

Sherrie said...

You are too funny! aesthetic vs. punctuality... hmmmmm.