March 31, 2010

A little face lift

No, no face lift for me (yet!). Check back in a twenty years or so.

Im talking about this adorable little frame I found at a thrift store. You can see by the price scribbled on the front it was a bargain!

The off-white and gold accents were not too bad, but I remembered seeing a similar ornate frame at my friend Jill's house that is bright orange. I love that frame. So I got our my bright turquoise paint and went to town.

It really brightened up the frame and with this happy picture inside I love how it looks!

Us at Brads graduation from BYU Hawaii. I love our younger, tanner, and (much) thinner days- on my part at least. I mean look at that cute little white belt!!


Erica said...

darling frame. darling color. just DARLING!

Julie said...

Love it! And love that dress and belt combo!

Jill said...

How adorable is this??

JJ said...

so cute! really, love the color! and the photo is also so cute!

Michelle said...

I'm SO glad I found your blog! You ARE super cute in that dress. Good work with the frame - so creative! I never would have thought to paint it. My friends all love your previous post, too. I think they might make those shoes. :)