February 08, 2010

The (First) Great Blizzard of 2010

Its been dubbed "Snowmageddon".

I havent really left the house since Friday. Not that Im complaining! Ive made excellent progress on a new quilt, more on that later.

View from my balcony:

Luckily I scored the number one best parking spot in the whole complex last Friday. A couple of times a day Brad or I will say, "Seriously, we lucked out with that spot!" Ive watch so many people spend hours digging cars out. Im so glad my car does NOT look like this, because all I have to dig it out would be my spatula or maybe my dust pan!

We ventured out on Sunday and came across these two cuties:

This is one of the good streets!

Avery got hungry along the way and so he snacked on a "cracker"

Its a good thing he likes eating snow, because this is what the grocery store looks like! (In all seriousness, we do have plenty of food to feed the children)

Brad took these with his phone at Harris Teeter today, pretty scary.

Luckily, he found ginger so we were still able to have delicious stir fry for dinner.
(Anyone else get Food Network Magazine? I cant stop thinking about stir fry since my latest issue.)

And we are not done yet! NWS calls for another 10-20 inches tomorrow!


Julie said...

that photo of you and Baker is gorgeous, seriously will life ever return to normal?

Our Naquin Family said...

OK...The pictures are AWESOME!! Ummmm..the shelves at Harris Teeter REALLY!?? WOW is all I know to say. I can't beleive you are getting more :P Stay warm. Miss you!

JJ said...

So if all the snow from Friday & Saturday melted it would fill 12 million Olympic size swimming pools. Out of control.

Super love the snowman picture, adorable. ANd ditto to what Julie said. Cant wait to see the quilt!

eckleinman said...

Let's see that quilt! Have fun in the snow.

Lincoln and Alisia said...

Oh my gosh, I thought Giant was bad but Harris Teeter--seriously does look like a natural disaster hit or something.

PS i think I have your scarf that you left at my place from Krysta's shower.

Mike & Hilary said...

Hasn't the snow been GREAT?! I Love it! Everyone else around here is sick of it, but I'll take whatever I can get!

Haven't caught up on the blog in a while! Looking good! Do you have another kiddo? man! cool!