August 30, 2009

How I spent my Saturday night...

Section 304, row D, seat 32, at the Kenny Chesney concert!

It was a GREAT concert! Kenny totally rocked it, more on that later. First up, Lady Antebellum.

Im going to be honest with you here, I didnt love them. I was excited to see them. I really like all their songs I had heard on the radio but in person Im not really a fan! Im bummed! I think it has something to do with one of the main guys. The guy in the picture below with the black T shirt (BTW it looks like a babydoll T). There was just something about him that totally bugs me. The girl sounded really good, I would like to have more of her and less of him.

Up next, Miranda Lambert! I have always admired her open redneckness. She is loud and proud redneck girl. She was really good! Plus she has a hot pink guitar, doesnt get much better. She sounded great too.

I would like to point out a really random, out of place individual. Please look closely at the photo below. In the center there is a guitar player with a spiked up MOHAWK! I dont get it. Does he know he is in a COUNTRY band? Country bands dont have mohawks. Mullets? Yes. Rat tails? Quite possibly. Mohawks? No. But I guess more power to him. He was rocking out and having fun, mohawk and all.

And finally, my man Kenny. First off I want to say he is so predictable. Kristen and I totally called exactly what he would be wearing. Why do people cut sleeves off T-shirts? I will save that conversation for another day. We dont have time right now. Anyway, he was REALLY great! The man can sing! He played for over 2 hours and it was a party the whole time.

My favorite picture of the night! He had really cool screens set up and great lights. I love Kenny even more now then before! In fact, Im thinking of incorporating a "Kenny Quote of the Day" feature on my blog. Any thoughts on that?
Thanks to Krissy, my BFF and the best person to go to a country concert with!
And thanks to Brad for staying home with two little monsters!


Erica said...

i LOVE kenny too.

JJ said...

I secretly love guys with mohawks!

Zeus and Twinkle Haskins said...

sounds like you had a lot of fun