April 26, 2009

Snow Bunnies

This is a painting of my parents in the mid 70's. My favorite part is that I used to wear those mittens and the hat my mom has on whenever it snowed when I was little. The mittens are white leather with rainbow stripes down the side. My dad still has that coat (I know because I tried it on 2 weeks ago), but to give him credit, the coat is still in really good shape and its super warm.

There are pictures of this painting in 3 different stages, I loved each of these stages. There is something about a half done painting that I have always loved.  Im pretty happy with how the final turned out except for one thing. Sorry dad, your face is a little funky! I really like the background ski slope and how their skis look in the snow.

Oil On Canvas
by Autumn


Julie said...

you are so talented, i love that you chose to paint them from a photo in the 70's.

JJ said...

I really, really, really love the entire painting...though can I commission a painting just of the background? That is my fav part!

The Dinner Belle said...

Oh I miss painting! I need to make some time for it. Great job!
I miss you guys too. I'll try and have a bean burrito for you and Baker soon at Taco Don's!