January 14, 2009

My latest creation

Owl Family
Oil on Canvas

I am taking painting class again this semester and this is the first painting of the year. The three owls remind me of our little family. Avery said the owls are scary so I dont think he really likes this one. I had fun painting the wood they are standing on. It is just a light liquin glaze then gently brushed over when it was partly, well mostly dry. For some reason I am loving owls lately. 


Our Naquin Family said...

Cute~~it matches the owl I gave you!

Nichole said...

I like this one! I wish I could paint...my walls would be full of "real people" paintings, not just other people's and such. :)

JJ said...

The details are so stunning, I am glad that you posted close up photos! Even though Mr. A is afraid of it, I hope you find a little spot to hang it! Its fabulous!

Julie said...

you are to talented for your own good,

ps i love that it freaks Avery out!

Sherrie said...

The owl is our family mascott, we love them! I agree with Avery, but scary owls don't really bother me as much as say... scary toys.

Laura said...