November 19, 2008

Parenting Tips

Parenting wisdom according to Snoop Dogg:

1. Know when to lie to your kids
2. Know when to be mean and know when to be a friend
3. Always stay in control
4. Serve them juice but hold the gin
5. When the kids give you attitude, pop 'em like it's hot

Pearls of wisdom I tell you, fo shizzle!

(from Martha Stewart blog, click here to watch him make mashed potatoes with Martha, its pretty funny)


Laura said...

Is there better advice then that? Seriously a man of wisdom!
Ok I've always been jealous that you two get to live so close and I'm out here all alone you guys shopping on black Friday just takes the cake! We would have so much fun! Know I'm there with you in spirit!! RUN FAST!

Andrea and Blake said...

so funny, I can't imagine him being on Martha's show... can I get your email so I can invite you to view our blog when we go "private" soon. leave it in my comments if you'd like.

eckleinman said...

Fo shizzle. That's the best advice I have ever heard. I tend to think that every once in a while you should not hold the gin. Just saying...

JJ said...

Of course I will listen to his advise...he is carrying a handbag that costs more than my monthly rent!